Who We Are


Airdot is a well established brand of offset printing blanket produced by CNI GRAPHICS Ltd. Establishhed in 1994, the company has gained the know–how and experience to enable us to offer premium materials for the printing industry over the passed 16 years.

Recently, April 2010, CNI GRAPHICS set up a new company CNI-XINYUAN to produce printing blankets in top quality for web and sheet presses. Our new state of the art factory in Haimen has developed premium web and sheet press blanket with special raw ingrediants from Europe and Japan. In May 2012 CNI GRAPHICS Ltd. was renamed to CNI XINYUAN Ltd. to strenghten the link and ownership to the manufacturing plant CNI XINYUAN RUBBER Company Ltd.
We take advantage of the 'Quality Swiss' true Markus Helber ( Senior President ) and Japanese technology and inovation to produce superior quality in our products.

Mr. Zhan Yulian, the factory director has a long reaching experience in manufacturing
premium Japanes style blankets.
CNI-XINYUAN has a capacity of up to 150,000 m2 with multiple roll widths reaching up to 1650mm.
We are strategically located around the globe, which allows us fast and efficient customer and technical service.
Our international locations are in Hongkong/Shanghai China, Switzerland - Germany in Europe, Los Angeles- USA, Mexico, South and Central America.
Our mission is to continuously develop the most advanced high quality products of value for businesses and con sumers, by working together as one team with our customers in a the spirit of trust, mutual understanding and inno-


an opportunity to establish a strong presence in the blanket market