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We Work For You

For us, to have become what we are today, customer communication has added a big share in all aspects. By knowing how you are preforming we can learn to improve our products to offer the best service possible. All feedback is appreciated and we will contact every customer after sales to ensure you are happy with our print blanket range.

Our Strategies

Our Strategy has been the same for 16 years. Produce the best quality printing blankets at a fair price to drive our industry towards the future. We research all aspects of our products to create new superior products for your factory with better preformance than ever before.

Health & Safety

We are proud to be approved by the SGS and CTI quality and saftey control institutions. The ingredients of our blankets are non toxic.


Customer testimonial

"You are doing well, your AIRDOT market has expanded world wide.  Congratulation to you, on your success and performance."

C. Numchuanchai


"Product of superior quality is hard to be found if at all."

Gregory Baumann